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Workshops for Educators

Bill runs these only on invite by schools or clusters                                  

Workshops for Developing a Restorative Culture in Schools


Behaviour Management 101

Working Restoratively in Schools:

Level 1: Awareness of RP’s for all staff

Working Restoratively in Schools:

Level 2: Small Group and Classroom Applications of RP’s

Working Restoratively in Schools:

Level 3: Restorative Conference Facilitator Training

Managing Restorative Programs in your School

Creating and Maintaining Restorative Accountability and Relationship Management Processes

An Introduction to the Emotional Foundations of Restorative Practices: 

The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice

Working Restoratively in Schools Mid-Implementation Day:

Keeping the ball rolling toward whole-school Implementation

Restorative Practices in your Child’s School: What’s it all about? 

Teaching Restorative Thinking and Behaviour to Primary Students:

Using Circle-Time to teach Restorative ways of Living

Being a Restorative Kid / Being a Restorative Student:

Sessions for students R-12 on Restorative Practices

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If you would like to book any of these Workshops or need further information please contact Bill

Workshops to develop Circle-Time: The Seedbed of a Restorative Approach

Introduction to Circle Solutions (Circle Time)

Teaching Restorative Thinking and Behaviour to Primary Students: Using Circle-Time to teach Restorative ways of Living

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Workshops for Understanding Student Behaviour


Feeling more Relaxed in the face of Tricky Behaviours:

Understanding Emotion and the Goals of Misbehaviour

Understanding the Four Goals of Misbehaviour:

Responding in Calm and Clever ways

Shame and Other Emotions of Connection and Engagement:

The Emotional foundations of Restorative Practices, Engaging Kid’s Hearts and Minds to bring Positive behaviour Change

‘The Teacher Hates Me’: Getting Better Outcomes when Discussing Behaviour with a Middle School Student


Workshops on Evidence-Based Literacy Teaching, Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disorders

The Evidence Based Teaching of Reading and Spelling Kickstarter

A Workshop for Schools wanting to sort the science from the scat and revolutionise their teaching of reading and spelling

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Spelling The Playberry Way: Spelling rules are back!

A Workshop for Schools wanting to teach spelling better through a deeper knowledge of the orthography of English

The 3Ds: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia

What all educators need to know about Specific Learning Disorders

A Workshop for Teachers, Parents and School Support Staff

Emma and Bill’s Amazing talk about Dyslexia:

A Workshop for Students and Teachers to increase understanding about dyslexia

Workshop 21 (series)

Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) Levels 1-3

Intensive (tier 3) Structured, Cumulative, Multisensory,  

Synthetic Phonics intervention for Schools and Centres

The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Learner:

Simple ideas for Teachers

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Word Cracking Through Morphology:

Adding Morphology to Phonology to supercharge literacy teaching

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Workshops on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Supporting a Classmate with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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