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Understanding the Four Goals of Misbehaviour:

Responding in Calm and Clever ways


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Tricky kid's unconscious thinking often goes something like this:

I only matter when I'm:

  • keeping people busy with me (Attention)

  • in charge, doing only what I want and challenging authority (Power)

  • Delivering payback to those who've thwarted me (Revenge)

  • Proving the world 'I can't' and that everyone should give up on me (Displays of Inadequacy)


Whatever theory of human motivation you subscribe to, one common idea has endured for decades: humans are hardwired to seek a sense of connection and belonging within their social groups.


When we get our heads around the idea that many of the tricky behaviours we see from young people are related to discouragement and mistaken beliefs about 'how I belong here', a new world of possibilities opens up. We no longer take their tricky behaviours so personally.

This fun and dynamic workshop teaches what the fathers of individual Psychology – Alfred Adler and Rudolph Driekurs, first taught early in the last century.


We will look at the four goals of misbehaviour and the hidden beliefs and self-talk that lie beneath. Why do we need to know this? So our responses to these trick misbehaviours don't reinforce them – like they have so far! We only change the behaviour of young people by altering our behaviour first - by responding in calm and clever ways.


“An engaging presentation, hands on and direct. Bill was excellent as a facilitator.”


Head of House - Mount Carmel College SA.

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