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Raising Likable and Resilient Kids 

Other Workshop Topics Include:


Designs to phase-out tantruming behaviours in children and young teens


Dressing Dilemmas: Dealing with clothes and appearance meltdowns


Navigating the morning madness: Ideas to organise your way to a better morning routine


Chores, Pocket Money and Saving: teaching kids to belong to the family by contributing

If you would like to book any of these Workshops please contact Bill

Popular 45/90 minute workshop topics Include:

Parenting in Windows (45m): Knowing your parenting style?

Setting your kids up for success by developing resilient and respectful attitudes

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(90 minutes) Raising Kids with grit: being the Best Resilience Coach for your Kids so they can navigate life's ups and downs

How to Catch and Build Good Behaviour (45m): Adjusting your Parenting Spotlight to get more of the behaviour you want

The Art of Managing Uncooperative Kids (45m): Understanding and Overcoming your Children's Misbehaviour

Rules haven't gone out of style (45m): Building rules that stick!

'Will you two just leave one another alone? (45m)'

The dos and don'ts of dealing with sibling fighting 

‘Get off that Computer!’ (45m) Clever ways to manage kids’ screen time

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What to do when your kids have become Mealtime Militia: (45m)Reclaiming Mealtimes as happy family time 

Sensibly Navigating Social Problems with your Child (45m)

'Mum, I'm Bored!'  (45m) Ideas to deal with kids' boredom

“I liked his warm nature. He’s a Dad of a normal family and he didn’t dominate with do’s and don’ts …he actually made me feel good that I’m doing all the right things. The warn twice, follow through on the third warning with a consequence was great. I’d recommend his workshops to fellow parents…you can never learn too much!”

Workshop based on chapters from

'Raising Beaut Kids'

Available to purchase from our Shop

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