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The unfair advantage that some parents give their children!

45 minute workshop - pair with another 45 minute workshop.

To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

Are manners a lost art? Should we be making a concerted effort to instil  'please', 'thanks', 'you first' and 'Im well thanks, how are you?' in our kids? Do you model these social graces in your dealings with your kids and with other people in front of your kids?

As our lives gather pace and become increasing individualistic it is too easy to forget that to get what we want from others, they need to feel as though they are getting what they want from us! Recognition and respect is a powerful currency the world around that our kids need to learn to deal in. Like it or not, good manners are absolutely vital to giving our kids an advantage in the world.

Make no mistake, the way your kids present themselves to you, to friends, to other parents, to child care professionals, to teachers and other school staff, to sports coaches, instructors, tutors, health care professionals and even their employers will influence how much care, interest and opportunity they receive from others.

This workshop looks at the finer art of teaching our kids to be friendly, agreeable and pleasant to be around. You might have guessed it already, most of this comes from the kinds of behaviours we model to our kids. But that's not enough, we also need to insist our kids overcome natural shyness or mild anxiety to show good manners to others. 

We really enjoyed the interactive participation using the social window to help us understand the different styles of parenting and what our default style is when we are under pressure. We could have a laugh and learn. Bill reinforced the idea that consequences were necessary but were not about hurting or punishing children. 


Carol West

Gilles St Primary School

Workshop based on chapters from

'Raising Beaut Kids'

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