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Bill is a husband, father, mentor, teacher and author. He lives in Adelaide, Australia. With his wife Christie-Lee, has three children, Lawson, Millah and Judd.


Working in private practice at Fullarton House, Bill mentors young people who live with a wide range of challenges such as learning differences / disabilities, emotional or behavioural difficulties and young people who are just doing it tough. Alongside this work, Bill has the privilege of supporting and mentoring teachers, school leaders and parents, assisting them to work together to meet the needs of these students.


Bill specialises at Fullarton House in teaching students with Dyslexia and offers training for schools in the area of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs). Bill runs the popular Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) suite of trainings for those wishing to work as Specialist Multisensory Literacy Teacher.  Bill has co-authored The Playberry Dyslexia Solutions Multisensory Literacy Program with Alison Playford. Playberry is used in Schools and centres across Australia as a tier 3 intervention program. Bill has also developed the Word Cracker suite of morphology resources with Sally Andrew.


Bill advocates for evidence based teaching of reading and spelling in schools and better recognition of SLDs. He is featured in the Australian Dyslexia documentary 'Outside the Square' and the upcoming Code Red ‘Read my Frustration’ feature program.

Bill is widely recognised for his in depth of knowledge about Behaviour Management, Restorative Justice and cultural renewal in educational settings. He is well known for his passion for relational teaching, strategic community building and Circle Time as well as his unique and engaging style in facilitating professional learning workshops for schools, school clusters and other organisations. 


Bill is passionate about helping young people to better connect with their educational experience as well as working with his teaching colleagues to help them discover (or re-discover) the thrill of helping young people reach their potential.


At the heart of everything Bill does is his belief that relationships, performance and learning are inseparable, and that without a focus on strengthening relationships in organisations and schools, human performance will suffer.


This is why the mission of Hansberry Educational Consulting is to strengthen the connections between relationships and learning.

Christie-Lee is co-founder and director of Hansberry Educational Consulting with her husband, Bill. Christie-Lee is mother to three children: Lawson, Millah and Judd. 


Christie works as a private specialist dyslexia teacher, mentor and tutor to students as well as a primary classroom teacher two days a week. As well as having over two decades’ experience as a teacher, Christie-Lee has specialised and trained extensively in Structured Intensive Multisensory Intervention for students with reading difficulties, which she uses in her private practice. Christie-Lee has also applied this specialist knowledge to the classroom to benefit all her students. 


Christie-Lee is a trainer and practitioner in Restorative Practices and Circle Time and authored the popular title ‘How to Do Restorative Peer Mediation in your School’, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2018). Christie-Lee runs trainings for schools in how to train students as Restorative Peer Mediators (RPMs) and how to maintain a RPM program to enhance student agency and student voice. 


​Christie-Lee believes that learners do better when teachers show genuine care and interest in them and is well respected among colleagues for her commitment to her students. This belief is demonstrated in Christie-Lee’s every interaction with young people.

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Christie-Lee Hansberry 


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