How to do Restorative Peer Mediation in Your School


How to do Restorative Peer Mediation in Your School by Bill Hansberry and Christie-Lee Hansberry.


This is a how-to guide to implementing a program of restorative peer mediation in schools. Using a proven approach to conflict resolution, this manual trains students to solve conflicts in the schoolyard and classroom by understanding peacefulness and restoration. A must-have resource for schools wishing to foster a culture of Restorative Justice.


This Quick-Start Manual Contains:

  • Suggested prosesseses for selecting suitable students to be Restorative Peer Mediators 
  • Examples of correspendence to caregivers
  • Guidance on implementing an RPM program into School Policy 
  • Step by step notes and advice on running initial (phase 1) and ongoing (phase 2) mediator training,
  • Reproducable training materials as available free online
  • Scripts for Restorative Peer Mediators to use whilst on the job

This is a proven set of resources for making Restorative Peer Mediation part of your school's wellbeing program.


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