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Restorative Practices


Restorative Practice for Schools

Graeme George and the Villanova College crowd have put together one of the most fantastic, Restorative Practices resources on the net. Graeme George is truly a national treasure in Restorative Practices and is understanding of the emotional side of Restorative Practices (Affect Script Psychology) is stunning. This is a treasure-trove! Onya Graeme!


Kids Skills

A great resource for helping students create letters of apology. Makes them think! Follow the link below to the webpage and then click on 'the steps of responsibility' to find theapology letter maker:


Marist 180

This organisation is doing wonderful work in schools. Check out their restorative justice newsletters - they have fantastic resources and ideas.


Rosehill College (NZ)

Bill Hubbard and the team at Rosehill College have been leading the way for many years in innovative applications of the restorative spirit. I had the privilege of meeting Bill Hubbard while he was on a 2007 study tour of Australian Schools. Bill has compiled a fantastic Blog with a wealth of information from his own learning. I recommend you follow the link to 'undercover teams' and read up on this extremely powerful approach for supporting victims of bullying using other students, including the perpetrators of the bullying!

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