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If you have been to any of Bill's conferences you can find valuable PDF files available below.

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Teach them all as if they

were Dyslexic and you teach

them all better!

Bill Hansberry


This PowerPoint is from Bill's

online presentation for the Literacy

Guarantee Unit (South Australian Dept. for Education) that was held on 29th September 2020, drawing an audience of over 4500 from across the globe.

  Teach them all as if they were Dyslexic PowerPoint



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The secret life of the dyslexic learner:

what all educators must know

Bill Hansberry


This PowerPoint is for a workshop on dyslexia where Bill explores this learning disorder, the different ways it effects those who live with it, the myths, the science and some practical ways teachers can help, not hinder dyslexic learners. This is a must for teachers.


The Secret life of the dyslexic learner Power Point





Explicitly teaching Restorative Thinking and Behaviour to Junior Primary Students

Bill Hansberry and Jane Langley


This session PowerPoint, accompanying notes cover Bill and Jane's presentation at the 2013 Restorative Practices International Conference in Melbourne, Australia.


                   Presentation notes





We are all human before we are anything else

Bill Hansberry


This session, presented at the Restorative Practices Queensland Conference in 2017 explores a case study from Bill's book "A Practical Introduction to Restorative Practices in Schools", where two families are affected by a case of serious defamation on social media. The audience are taken on a journey that explores the emotions (affects) behind the incident and the restorative response.


                  Presentation notes


                 Participant booklet





Shame & Difficult People

Bill Hansberry


This session, presented in Hervey Bay to School Psychologists looked at the role the emotion of shame in signalling to humans that their connections with others is at risk and the different ways people act when struggling to deal authentically with the shame experience.


To view Bill's presentation go to

Academic Therapy for Dyslexia: Unbreaking Their Hearts so we can Remediate their Dyslexia

Bill Hansberry

This video presentation and PowerPoint is from Bill's online presentation for the Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA) 2021 National Conference that was held on 14th January 2021. 

Academic Therapy PowerPoint

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