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E-Book: 'Raising Beaut Kids' (Parenting Book)

E-Book: 'Raising Beaut Kids' (Parenting Book)


Raising Beaut Kids is a refreshing cut through of all the confusing parenting psycho-babble that parents have to deal with today. Every way parents turn nowadays, there's another expert with an opinion telling us how what we once considered sound parenting approaches are damaging and traumatising kids! Quite frankly, most of the advice parents get nowadays is rubbish and those giving have either no parenting experience themselves, or do, but are in no position to be telling the rest of us how to parent. 


Talk to any teacher who has had more than a few years in the job and they will tell you how utterly confused and anxious parents are and the very visible impact this is having on kids' emotional resilience, socialisation and mental health. 


Authors Bill Hansberry and Mark Lemessurier have decades between them working with families and kids in all situations and circumstances and decided that it was time to bring some back-to-basics guidance to parents on a range of parenting hot spots.




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