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Rules haven't gone out of style!  

Building rules that stick!

45 minute workshop - pair with another 45 minute workshop.

To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

…If a visitor came into our home and watched our family working really well together, how would they describe our family and what was happening?


How would we be treating each other?


How would we be cooperating?


Who would be doing the jobs around the house?


How would problems and upsets be worked out?


The above questions are a great place to start when we think about building effective expectations of behaviour in our home. This Workshop, grown from Chapter 1 of the highly popular parenting book ‘Raising Beaut Kids’ looks at what we know works and doesn’t work when we take on the business of creating household rules.

Do we need rules in the home? Absolutely! Can families develop clever mission statements to base their rules on? Absolutely! How important are family meetings in developing considerate and responsible kids? Really important! Rules, developed in family meetings, keep everyone aware of what is required of them so the family can stay on track and operating effectively. Rules create boundaries, putting kids in charge of their own behaviour. When kids know where the boundaries lie they feel safer, steadier and develop considerate styles of thinking that serve well them into the future.

If you think this sounds a bit fanciful, take the challenge. I’ll share practical and simple ideas from my own, and other families that have helped them to make fast and effective tweaks to how the family hums!

So, come along and explore some very easy steps we can all take to set up rules that stick with kids aged from toddlers to teens.

We really enjoyed the interactive participation using the social window to help us understand the different styles of parenting and what our default style is when we are under pressure. We could have a laugh and learn. Bill reinforced the idea that consequences were necessary but were not about hurting or punishing children. 


Carol West

Gilles St Primary School

Workshop based on chapters from

'Raising Beaut Kids'

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