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The Art of Managing Uncooperative Kids

Understanding and Overcoming your children's Misbehaviour

45 minute workshop - pair with another 45 minute workshop.

To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

Regardless of how well we do setting rules, trying to stay focused on the positive behaviours of our kids and keeping mindful of our parenting style, there will always be tricky kids and tricky moments where our kids behave in ways that stretch our resources to breaking point. You know just what I’m talking about, don’t you!

In these moments many parents say that their theoretical skills dessert them. In these high-pressure moments we’ve all said and done things that we’ve regretted later. Once we’ve cooled off, we have been able to identify exactly what we should have done! It feels awful, doesn’t it?

And then there are those parents who just seem to handle the trickiest of kid behaviours with poise and quiet determination – almost as if they had a plan in mind before the moment happened. Guess what – they probably did have a plan! So, let’s take some time together to talk about things like:

How often we nag or criticise our kids and whether this actually works for us


Just how often our kids really do behave poorly – using hard evidence


How well we manage ourselves in moments when our kids are struggling to manage themselves


Which behaviours to call kids out on and which ones to walk away from


Consequences, which ones, when, how often and how severe?


Whether we can deliver consequences without looking like the enemy


Take the challenge and see how many practical ideas you can gather up in this fun and clever workshop on the art of managing tricky kid behaviour.

We really enjoyed the interactive participation using the social window to help us understand the different styles of parenting and what our default style is when we are under pressure. We could have a laugh and learn. Bill reinforced the idea that consequences were necessary but were not about hurting or punishing children. 


Carol West

Gilles St Primary School

Workshop based on chapters from

'Raising Beaut Kids'

Available to purchase from our Shop

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