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'Mum, I'm Bored!'

Ideas to deal with kids' boredom

45 minute workshop - pair with another 45 minute workshop.

To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

As soon as we ask the kids to get off of their screens, or they get home from an exciting outing we are a faced with 'Mum I'm bored!' or 'What can I do?'. Being bored is an experience we've almost completely removed from our kids' lives, and believe it or not, our kids mental health is worse for it. 

This workshop explores what boredom is and how it isn't the evil we have come to believe it is. We will look at clever ideas to help kids use their bored moments to switch on their creative thinking to decide what to do next that might be stimulating  to them or helpful to others.

We really enjoyed the interactive participation using the social window to help us understand the different styles of parenting and what our default style is when we are under pressure. We could have a laugh and learn. Bill reinforced the idea that consequences were necessary but were not about hurting or punishing children. 


Carol West

Gilles St Primary School

Workshop based on chapters from

'Raising Beaut Kids'

Available to purchase from our Shop

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