Raising Beaut Kids

Raising Beaut Kids


Raising Beaut Kids by Mark Le Messuier and Bill Hansberry

Recipes for parents on when to say ‘yes’ and how to say ‘no’


If there's a book that teaches restorative parenting, then this is it. We have captured approaches and strategies that exemplify authoritative parenting, that is parenting that is both firm and fair. The kind of parenting where kids feel in control of their choices because the behavioural boundaries are clearly communicated and lovingly enforced.


It’s cookbook-styled, with each chapter offering a typical problematic scenario that parents often face at home with their children and teens - accompanied with the ingredients that fire things up!

Then we offer a Recipe rescue as a problem solver: a practical way to respond to kids when they serve up tricky behaviours. Our Recipe rescues are designed to help parents steer the behaviour of their kids (and their own behaviour) in more positive directions, within the context of building healthy relationships.