Working Restoratively in Schools Mid-Implementation Day:

Keeping the ball rolling toward whole-school Implementation

Full Day Workshop


To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

It’s perfectly normal for schools to become ‘stuck’ mid-way through the implementation of any cultural change. This marks a watershed moment for schools in the implementation of Restorative Pedagogy where the school will either re-group, re energise and push forward, or slip back into old, less effective, (but more comfortable) ways of doing things.


The mid-implementation day has been developed to help staff remind one another of the reasons they signed up to be a restorative school in the first place. Staff work together to identify current strengths and weaknesses in the school’s model of Restorative practices so a shared vision for the future crystallizes.


Bill plans this day in consultation with the RP’s Implementation Team and /or school leadership to ensure that the workshop format is a ‘best fit’ for the school’s particular point of implementation.

Features of this workshop include:


  • A staff circle reflection on the Restorative journey so far – what’s changed?

  • The keystones of restorative conferencing (after Jansen and Matla)

  • An activity where staff plot on the Restorative Practices Continuumthe school’s strong and weak spots and reflect on what this means now, and in the future for continued implementation.

  • A recap of restorative the restorative questions and their purpose


At the conclusion of this day staff will have developed a shared understanding of the ‘where to next’ for continued implementation of Restorative Pedagogy. This will provide the Implementation Team and/or Leadership Team with an important springboard for ongoing planning.


Following this workshop, Bill will (upon request) work with the Implementation Team to plan the next phase of implementation. This will involve a focus on a model of organisational change as outlined by Thorsborne and Blood (2013)

“An engaging presentation, hands on and direct. Bill was excellent as a facilitator.”


Head of House - Mount Carmel College SA.

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