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The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Learner:

Important knowledge and simple ideas for Teachers


Half or full day Workshop


To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

Students with dyslexia suffer from shame and self-doubt and often go to extreme lengths to hide their difficulties. If they haven't received skilled, specialist remediation by Middle School, dyslexic students often become frustrated, demoralised and disengaged.


Frustrated that they process information and read and write much more slowly than their peers, many students become overwhelmed by the expected work. No matter how hard they try, their written work rarely reflects their ability or grasp of the subject content.


The biggest hurdle we put in front of students with dyslexia in schools is not understanding their disorder with the printed word. This workshop aims to help participants to develop an understanding of:


  • The agonising embarrassment of living with dyslexia that many young people experience at school

  • What it can feel like to live with dyslexia (through simulation activities)

  • What is developmental dyslexia and its place as a specific learning disability

  • Current research on the neuroanatomy of the dyslexic reading brain (Shaywitz)

  • The phonological core deficit and how it presents

  • Spotting Dyslexia early - markers of developmental dyslexia in young children

  • Tips for classroom teachers - what you can hope to achieve and what you can't do on your own!


This highly interactive workshop has participants working together and sharing revelations, stories and new understandings.



Intelligence masks Dyslexia and Dyslexia masks intelligence

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