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Teaching Restorative Thinking and Behaviour to Primary Students:

Using Circle-Time to teach Restorative ways of Living

Workshops from 2 hours

to a full day


To book this workshop please contact Bill Hansberry

Thinking and Behaving Restoratively doesn't come naturally to all kids. Restorative Practices is a way of thinking about people and events, and it's a frame of reference that we can teach young people. What's the result? Calmer, more peaceful and more productive classrooms and playgrounds. Evidence shows that schools that actively teach Restorative Thinking and Behaviour to students report less bullying behaviour, less anxious kids, less anxious parents and happier teachers.


In this workshop, Bill will demonstrate ways to teach restorative thinking and skills to primary children through the well-established pedagogy of Circle Time. This fun and interactive workshop will take staff through some activities from Bill's resource "The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit for Teaching Restorative Behaviour", giving staff colleagues a good feel for the content and approaches that build restorative brains. As it turns out, this workshop also builds restorative thinking and behaviour in your staff!


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“An engaging presentation, hands on and direct. Bill was excellent as a facilitator.”


Head of House - Mount Carmel College SA.

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