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Playberry© Structured Multisensory Literacy Program (sets 1-4) $115.50 each

Playberry© Structured Multisensory Literacy Program (sets 1-4) $115.50 each




ONLY AVAILABLE TO TRAINED MULTISENSORY TEACHERS - If you are not TSD trained we will contact you to check your training before filling your order.


These packs have been developed as a teaching resource for educators who have completed Teaching Students With Dyslexia (TSD) Levels 1-3 


These resources are one component of a structured, cumulative, multi-sensory teaching methodology that is taught across the three levels of the TSD program. 


These resources will be of limited effectiveness if used as a stand alone resource by an untrained teacher.


© Developed by Alison Playford and Bill Hansberry 

Permission is given for these worksheets to be reproduced by the original purchaser, in quantities sufficient for use with his/her students. The copyright owner prohibits the loaning or on-selling of these masters for the purpose of reproduction.

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