Restorative Practices in your Child’s School:

What’s it all about? 


2 hour Parent Workshop


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Communicating the school’s purpose and intent in developing a restorative culture to your parent community is absolutely vital.These are the very people you will want to support your approaches, especially when it’s their own children involved.


Looking at Restorative Practices from the outside in, it’s very easy to get the wrong idea about what we stand for when we immerse students in Restorative Approaches to address conflict and wrongdoing. Some parents can be quick to judge us as being permissive with the ‘naughty kids’ unless we get good at communicating how are very serious about setting high standards for student conduct and holding everyone in the community accountable to these standards.


Like it or not, we are in the business of marketing to our community the merits of what we choose to do. A failure to do this presents a major hurdle to the cultural change you are working toward.


This 2 hour parent evening gets right to the heart of what it means to set high expectations for behaviour, offer high levels of support to meet these standards and hold people accountable when they fail to meet standards.


Bill begins by sharing a true story of a student who was badly bullied and the restorative process that followed that restored a sense of control for this young man. This is a story that gets to the heart of what Restorative Pedagogy is all about and wins hearts and minds in the process. This story becomes the common thread that runs through the rest of the workshop, tying together theory and application.


The Social Control Window is clearly explained so parents can see what a high control / high support environment looks like and why it brings the best out of young people. Research evidence of the positive impact of a restorative culture in schools from across the globe is also shared.


The history of Restorative Justice is looked at, including its origins in criminal justice, placing Restorative Pedagogy within an important broader context.


This is a highly engaging 2 hour session that paves the way for a parenting workshop “Parenting in Windows” from Bill’s parenting book “Raising Beaut Kids: Recipes for Parents on when to say ‘yes’ and how to say ‘no’”.


Being a parent of three school-aged children himself, Bill speaks to the heart of parents.




“An engaging presentation, hands on and direct. Bill was excellent as a facilitator.”


Head of House - Mount Carmel College SA.

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