Shame and Other Emotions of Connection and Engagement:

The Emotional foundations of Restorative Practices, Engaging Kid’s Hearts and Minds to bring Positive behaviour Change

2 hour through to a full-day Workshop


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Have you wondered why is is that one person might handle a tough moment by quietly moving away for a moment, while another will explode into violence? The difference lies in how they handle feelings of embarrassment and humiliation – a group of emotions that Psychologist Silvan Tomkins called affect shame.


















Scratch beneath any behaviour that involves an attack on another person and you will find shame; feelings many of us manage through a range of over-the-top, compensating behaviours that offer some short term relief from shame, yet, take a devastating toll on our connections to others.










When we have a framework for understanding, recognizing and teaching kids about shame, amazing behavioural transformations take place. We can transform how we deal with any moment in life that might make us feel lesser than or diminished.  The applications of this are endless, ranging from engagement in learning to conflict resulution. When we better understand shame, our application of Restorative Practices becomes instantly more effective.


In this workshop, Bill introduces participants to Affect Script Psychology (ASP) – a powerful theory of human emotion and motivation that explains the how and why of caring. We will explore affect as the biological basis of emotion and how each of our nine inborn affects motivates us in different ways to ensure survival.


Most importantly, participants will learn through examples and case studies ways to help young to deal with shame in safe and pro-social ways. Understanding shame is critical for emotional intelligence and safe and connected communities.


When adults and students understood shame, schools become safer, more peaceful and productive places where relationships are built and restored much more effectively.


“An engaging presentation, hands on and direct. Bill was excellent as a facilitator.”


Head of House - Mount Carmel College SA.

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