Playberry Multisensory Literacy Program

Only available to TSD or other MSL trained practitioners*

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Playberry Alphabet Activities and Recording Sheet 

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Multi-sensory Literacy Program

only available to trained Multi-sensory teachers.

*Recognised training:

Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD)

Associate MSL Training Course (AUS)

Dyslexia Action (UK)

or any recognised Orton-Gillingham training.

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The Playberry Dyslexia Solutions Multisensory Literacy Program is a tier 3, intensive intervention for students with severe reading and spelling difficulties. Developed by Alison Playford and Bill Hansberry, Playberry is designed to be the most powerful intervention program in a school’s (or specialist literacy intervention teacher’s) arsenal and has been developed to be used with students who have not made adequate progress in from quality classroom instruction and also have not responded adequately to an evidence-based group withdrawal (tier 2) intervention. We strongly suggest you do further reading on Response to Intervention (RTI) to better understand where Playberry fits into a school’s literacy program.

The Playberry program has been designed as a resource for specialist dyslexia teachers / tutors who have trained in the TSD courses (Teaching Students with Dyslexia levels 1-3). Playberry is also being adopted as the program of choice for many specialists who have trained in other reputable multisensory intervention courses in Australia and overseas.

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Want to do the TSD recognised training?

Want to do the TSD recognised training?

Teaching Students with Dyslexia:  Levels 1 – 3

3 x 3 Day Workshops

Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) has been delivered all over Australia for people wanting to learn to effectively support severely dyslexic students who have not responded to mainstream reading intervention programs.


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