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Starting in 2023, Playberry and Laser Literacy and Learning will combine forces to partner with a selected group of schools to bring evidence based teaching of reading and spelling to their classrooms and intervention programs. 

Multi-sensory Literacy teaching and intervention right across your school


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The Playberry Multisensory Literacy Program, developed by Alison Playford and Bill Hansberry began as a tier three intervention for students with dyslexia and other disorders of reading. Our training courses:  Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) and Playberry haven't only impacted intervention programs, but have had a profound impact on classroom (tier 1) teaching, being the catalyst for whole school change in many schools. Many of South Australia's highest performing schools began their transformation because of one passionate TSD trained teacher. 

Playberry Tier 3 is now the intervention program of choice in many high performing schools and literacy practices across Australia. 

Linda Clune, a TSD graduate and Playberry Multisensory Specialist Teacher at Fullarton House, has helped schools achieve remarkable results with her trainings, coaching and resources that have Playberry deep in their DNA. Linda's schools have rebuilt their teaching with the implementation of evidence based teaching and pedagogy and have dramatically improved their literacy results. 

Sustainable change is the only change that matters and this is exactly Playberry T1-3 offers. It is a complete package for schools with a clear and committed mandate to lift the results of all students.

How we work - Trainings







Initial meeting (Bill or Linda)


In this no-obligation catch up we will discuss where your school is up to, and where to next. We understand that different schools are at different points so we will plan a way forward with you that reflects your school's situation and needs.

Training Day 1: The Evidence Based Teaching of Reading and Spelling Kickstarter (Bill)

Teaching staff

Educators need a well articulated case for changing how and what they teach, and are rightly suspicious of the next new thing. Bill carefully and sensitively builds a context for the Science of Reading, explains it's long history, its deep, convergent evidence base and makes sense of the essential elements of the evidence-based teaching to come. Click here for more information on this training day. Click here to book. At the checkout, use the discount code 'playberry1-3' to receive the program price.

Training Day 2: Phonology Nuts and Bolts (Linda)

Teaching staff

This full day is about what to teach and how to get teachers started in their classrooms. Spelling rules and conventions, syllable types, lesson content, lesson structure, explicit teaching methodology, review routines and assessment are covered during this day. Click here to book.

Teaching Demonstrations (Linda)

Teaching staff

This is a full day in your school (or more if required)  where Linda works in classes to model phonology lessons with students using the Laser PowerPoints as teachers observe. 

Teaching Observations (Linda)

Teaching  staff

This is a day in your school (or more if required)  where Linda and a literacy leader from your school observes teachers working with their classes. Linda then provides carefully constructed feedback.

Follow Up Day (Linda)

Teaching staff

This is a full day (or more if required) of rolling release where teachers meet with Linda to ask questions related to their specific year levels and cohorts and plan further refinement of practice.

Optional Parent Session (Linda or Bill)

Parents and community

A 90m session for parents where SoR is explained and the usual questions are addressed such as decodables vs predictable levelled readers.

Teaching Students With Dyslexia Training (TSD) Levels 1-3 (Bill, Sally and Karen)

Intervention staff

This three levels of training over three days each will build your highly effective intervention team and train them to use The Playberry Multisensory Literacy Program for students with moderate to severe reading disorders (identified or otherwise). 

Word Cracking Morphology Training

(Bill and Sally)

Teaching and intervention staff

This half day morphology workshop gives class and intervention teachers the introductory knowledge needed to enhance their teaching of morphology across all tiers of intervention. 

Ready to roll teaching support materials

Teaching staff

The new knowledge involved with evidence-based teaching of reading and spelling is overwhelming and teachers need support whilst they find their feet. Our suite of teaching and review support materials are ready built to lighten teachers' load so they can focus on getting the teaching routines right whilst learning the material. The Phonology PowerPoint resources are made to be used by classroom teachers, five days per week (Rec-Yr 2) and three days per week (Year 3-6).  The Phonology PowerPoint can be used by experienced teachers, as well as novice teachers to deliver consistent, accurate and pedagogically sound content across all classes and year levels.  The same resources can be used for Tier 2 intervention groups. This is an amazing resource and is often what's missing when trying to embed sustainable change across the whole school. Subscription packages below.

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Training Events - Schools to manage their own bookings

Other training events to book

Teaching Demonstrations

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Date(s) to be organised with Linda by individual schools


$990+GST per day

Depending in the number of teachers to be observed, more than one day may be required

Teaching Observations

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 1.30.14 pm.png

Date(s) to be organised with Linda by individual schools


$990+GST per day

Depending in the number of teachers to be observed, more than one day may be required

Follow up Day

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 1.30.14 pm.png

Date(s) to be organised with Linda by individual schools


$990+GST per day

Depending in the number of teachers to be consulted, more than one day may be required

Parent Information Session

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 1.30.14 pm.png

Date(s) to be organised with Linda by individual schools


$990+GST for 90 minute session

To book any of these sessions contact us today

The rub!

The PDs down the left side (1-6) of the workshops list (above left) are the backbone of getting wave 1 right in your school. The first two are being offered to staff from all schools in week zero 2023 (Monday and Friday). The venue is to be confirmed. The less expensive option for schools is to get to these workshops if possible. 


If schools cannot get staff to these  trainings, they will need to get myself and Linda to come to their schools to run them in-house. This has a different price structure. Costing structures are outlined in the upcoming events calendar show more pull down to to the left (to quote Beyoncé).


Trainings 3 through 6 take place in your school – Pricing info is in the drop down in the events calendar.


On the right hand side of the trainings list are the TSD and Morphology trainings for 2023. For schools wanting to go full Playberry, getting intervention staff booked into TSD is important. Word Cracking is the part of Playberry’s morphology arm but is also knowledge all teachers need at all waves. 


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Small School Subscription

100 or less students

$1,250 +GST p.a.

Medium School Subscription

101-300 students

$1,750 +GST p.a.

Large School Subscription

301 + students

$2,500 +GST p.a.

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Support Materials

Want to do the Playberry T3 recognised training?

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Teaching Students with Dyslexia:  Levels 1 – 3

3 x 3 Day Workshops

Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD) has been delivered all over Australia for people wanting to learn to effectively support severely dyslexic students who have not responded to mainstream reading intervention programs.


Other training events to book

We have all

the Playberry resources available at

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