Playberry Teacher Reference Card Packs

Playberry Teacher Reference Card Packs


ONLY AVAILABLE TO TRAINED MULTISENSORY TEACHERS - If you are not TSD trained we will contact you to check your training before filling your order.


These ReadingSpelling and Concept reference card sets are complete, showing all phonograms, vowel coding, diacritical marks, graphemes and concepts. These sets are what a student's set would look like if they had completed the entire Playberry program. Teachers/tutors find these to be an invaluable guide as they create, and add to their students' card sets. 



Teacher Reference Reading Cards showing cluewords and correct spacing on back (example cluewords only)

Card size: 75mmx50mm


Teacher Reference Spelling Cards showing all graphemes and cluewords (example cluewords only)

Card size: 85mmx43mm


Teacher Reference Concept Cards complete - suggesting how to set out the cards 

Card size: 75mmx50mm

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