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Spelling Rules Mural

Spelling Rules Mural


Designed to be installed as a large wall mural, this inforgaphic is just naughty enough to capture the imigination of kids of all ages and get them curious about some of the important English spelling rules. 


Some of the ideas covered are:

  • Rules for using 'c', 'k' and 'ck'
  • The Floss rule
  • Spelling the (ah) sound
  • Short and long vowels
  • Morphology 
  • Soft / hard 'c' and 'g'
  • Positional frequency for the long vowel spellings


The Spelling Rules infographic also contains interesting information about the origins of the English spelling system (orthography) and will act as a springboard for teachers to explore etymology with their students. 


THIS IS A CUSTOM PRODUCT - Process for ordering:


The Artwork cost is $850 (inc GST). This cost includes a single use, limited rights to the artwork and our graphic designer’s costs to make the infographic fit the school's nominated space. This process also includes the creation a print-ready file that is sent (by us) to your school's nominated signwtiter / installer.


The procuction and installation cost is NOT included in the above stated price. Schools  source their own signwriter to produce and install the mural.




School provides us with the precise dimensions of the space they want the infographic to cover. This information will then goes to our graphic designer so they can make design adjustments to the infographic to make the mural's elelemts best fit your space for an aesthetically pleasing finished mural.


Schools then contact a sign writer of their choice to discuss the best options for their space. Vinyl wall wraps work for internal walls but there are also other choices of materials to make your infographic as durable as possible on internal or external walls.


Signlab are our sign writer of choice (in Adelaide) and have installed this infographic in many schools.


Next, we send the school a contract for the limited rights to the artwork that will give the school a one time use of the digital design file for the creation of the infographic. This is signed by a site leader (Principal or other authorised officer) and returned to us. If schools wish to use the infographic in more than one location this is negotiated.


At this stage we issue an invoice of $850 for the limited rights and graphic design work.


Once all that is taken care of, a copy of the completed limited rights document is sent for signing by Principal (or other authorised officer) and us. Aprint-ready art file is then sent (by us) to the signwriter for production and the rest of the process is between the school and the signwriter. 



Please contact us for more information

by emailing us -


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