Spelling Rules Mural - Price on application

Spelling Rules Mural - Price on application


Designed to be installed as a large wall mural, this inforgaphic is just naughty enough to capture the imigination of kids of all ages and get them curious about some of the important English spelling rules. 


Some of the ideas covered are:

  • Rules for using 'c', 'k' and 'ck'
  • The Floss rule
  • Spelling the (ah) sound
  • Short and long vowels
  • Morphology 
  • Soft / hard 'c' and 'g'
  • Positional frequency for the long vowel spellings


The Spelling Rules infographic also contains some interesting information about the origins of the English spelling system (orthography) and will act as a springboard for teachers to explore etymology with their students. 



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