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Playberry TP1-22 Games Box 1

Playberry TP1-22 Games Box 1

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This games pack contains 30 games spanning Playberry Tier 3  teaching points 1-22.  These games can be used in classroom and all forms of intervention. If you are working to a phonic structure, the games cater to different points with code: 

i (short) ,t, p, s, a, d, h, e, b, m, r, o, th, y and i-e


Concepts covered : contractions, open and closed syllables, rules for using c, k and -ck, suffix <-s> (plurals), nouns and verbs.


The games include:

  • Read and Grab (decoding)
  • Syllable Games (basic phonological awareness)
  • Rocket Game (basic to advanced phonological awareness)
  • 4 in a Row (decoding)
  • Bingo (understanding and reading contractions)
  • Spelling choice games for c, k and -ck (orthographic choice)
  • Spelling choice game for long /i/ (open syllable i & i-e medial spelling)
  • Onset and Rime (decoding / blending)
  • Nouns / Verbs / Suffix (grammar concept)


Instructions for making and playing all games are on YouTube - just scan the QR codes.  


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