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Word Cracker© Suffixing Spelling Rules Wall Chart

Word Cracker© Suffixing Spelling Rules Wall Chart

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The spelling rules for adding suffixes to words are some of the trickiest spelling rules. They need to be taught explicitly and revised often with all students . Students with dyslexia and dysgraphia especially benefit from step-by-step, explicit teaching of morphology and its spelling rules.


This A2 (420mm x 594mm) chart is laminated both sides for durability and is designed for teachers to explicitly model the process for adding suffixes to words using the 'add', 'double', 'drop' and 'change' suffixing spelling rules.


Side one of the chart contains Word Crackers© with example words showing the base word ending patterns and the added suffixes . Students can see exactly which spelling rule has been applied, why and how.


Side two contains blank Word Crackers© for teachers to demonstrate the adding of suffixes using dry erase marker. This way, the spelling rules can be taught, and added to the chart sequentially and in line with the school's spelling scope and sequence. 


This chart can be used to support teaching from the Word Cracking© teacher maual and the Word Cracker, or as a stand alone teaching resource.

  • Size

    Size: A2 (420mm x 594mm)

    It is laminated both sides for durability.

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