Word Cracker Magnet Board & Manual

Word Cracker Magnet Board & Manual


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The Word Cracker Magnet Board (595x420mm) is constructed of steel and comes with 18 magnetic prefix tiles, 18 suffix tiles and 17 root tiles that combine to make over 500 words. Blank tiles are also provided. Dry-erase marker can be used to write morphemes, making the Word Cracker limitmess in its capacity to form words. The Word Cracker is the ultimate interactive manipulatable to help students understand how words come together from morphemes. 


Included is our Word Cracking Teacher manual. Word Cracking is 150 high colour pages of easy to follow lessons for teaching affixes, roots, spelling rules as well as revision activities, consolidation games, diagnostic dictations and whole class vocabulary building activities. The generous appendix contains all you will need to create the games and other resources to make teaching morphology fun and engaging. 


Word Cracker on YouTube:



  • Care Instructions

    Surface cleans better with damp wipe as soon as possible after use. Some dry erase markers are harder to erase than others - use easily erasable markers.

    Magnet tiles will need flattening by hand before they will sit flat on the board. Instructions are inside the 'Word Cracking' Manual front cover.

  • See The Word Cracker being used on YouTube