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Playberry© Wooden Alphabet (UPPERCASE)

Playberry© Wooden Alphabet (UPPERCASE)


These highy durable Playberry© wooden alphabet lettsrs are available in UPPER and lower case.

Activities with these letters is an important component of a multisensory lesson. Those who attend our training "Teaching Students with Dyslexia (TSD)" learn how to use this resource with students. Knowing the alphabet song doesn't mean a student knows the alphabet. Many students can say the alphabet song but cannot correspond letters with their names. This is where the wooden letters come in as an important teacher of letter name - letter correspondence. Only when letter names are memorised can the phonics work proceed with real effectiveness.


We use UPPER CASE letters first in the Playberry© Program with new and less experienced students. While students are learning the alphabet and the letter names, upper case letters are less confusing because they do not pose b,d,p,q,n,u reversals. Working with wooden letters in the Playberry program is not phonics. We use the wooden letters to help students memorise the alphabetic sequence, the look of letters, their feel and their correct orientation through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (VAK) memory systems. Students practice sequencing letters, developing auditory and visual memory for letters of the alphabet and by doing so, memorising them. 

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