Playberry Student Reading, Spelling and Concept Card Packs

Playberry Student Reading, Spelling and Concept Card Packs


ONLY AVAILABLE TO TRAINED MULTISENSORY TEACHERS - If you are not TSD trained we will contact you to check your training before filling your order.


As a response to much demand from specialist teachers and tutors using the Playberry program, we have created ready made reading card sets for students.


Reading Card sets - Contains 79 cards

Card size: 75mmx50mm


The face of the reading cards comes complete with the phonogram clearly printed in dyslexia friendly comic sans.


The back of the card is ready-sectioned for the addition of phoneme symbols and cluewords (by the teacher) as the student moves through the Playberry program.  The shaded sections guide the student as to the size of their clueword pictures.


Spelling Card sets - Contains 54 cards

Card size: 85mmx43mm


The spelling cards come complete with the sound symbols and diacritical marks. All the specialist teacher has to do is add the graphemes as the student progresses through the Playberry program. 

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