Class set (30) Word Cracker Double Sided Student Whiteboard

Class set (30) Word Cracker Double Sided Student Whiteboard


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See video to watch Sue and Jacqui using the whiteboard to play a game to practice grammatical concepts.


These double-sided individual whiteboards (296mmx 210mm) bring the explicit teaching of morphology and spelling lessons to life. Following teacher demonstration (on the Word Cracker Magnet Board), students can use these individual whiteboards on the floor, or at their tables to immediately practise examples and show their work to the teacher. On the recerse side is a Bingo Base board for the bingo games in the Word Cracking Manual (see video). Schools using an EDI or  DI model of instruction for literacy will find these boards a valuable addition to their teaching of literacy. 

  • Care Instructions

    Surface cleans better with damp wipe as soon as possible after use. Some dry erase markers are harder to erase than others - use easily erasable markers.