What can you ‘restorative’?
what can’t you ‘restorative’? And how you can behave restoratively when not doing a 'restorative'?

A Staff workshop on which issues can be addressed restoratively, and which need more thought.


2 hour Workshop


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So, your school is implementing Restorative Practices and there is confusion among staff about which types of misconduct can be addressed with restorative approaches and which can’t be.

You’re not alone! This is an issue that all restorative schools come across. It’s a very normal part of the cultural shift away from a reliance on punishment to restorative dialogue in addressing wrongdoing and disruption. If questions like “so how can you have a restorative chat with a student about running around corners, or having their shirt untucked?” didn’t come up, I’d be worried!


In this two hour workshop, Bill has one simple aim: to promote dialogue among your staff about one key question:


“How can we keep communicating to young people that everything they do or don’t do will impact someone, somewhere, somehow?”


When we shift our thinking into this space, we get better at helping young people consider “how did my behaviour affect others?” After all, this is the very thinking we are trying to teach young people in restorative schools.


This workshop brings staff to a shared understanding so they can continue to develop their own restorative style with confidence.


“An engaging presentation, hands on and direct. Bill was excellent as a facilitator.”


Head of House - Mount Carmel College SA.

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