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Word Cracking Online Training Handouts

These downloadable handouts are for the Word Cracking Online workshop. Each participant will need one of each.

Blank Crackers.jpg
Add Double Drop Change.jpg

Handout 1
Blank Crackers. Print x2 per person

B/W double sided

Handout 2
Low Morphemic Awareness Spelling example. Print 1 per person B/W

Handout 3
Add, Double, Drop, Change chart. Print in Colour 1 per person

Extra Goodies

Buy more Word Cracker Resources


Intervention Bundle
Board, magnets, 10 student whiteboards and manual



Seeing you all asked so nicely, here is the pdf of the PowerPoint presentation

Word Cracker on 

cracker photo enhanced.jpg

Board and Magnet Set
Board and morpheme magnets


Heading 1

Cracker and Manual enhanced.jpg

Basic Bundle
Board, morpheme magnets
and Manual


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Linda's card stack photo.jpg

Basic Phonics Review Deck
By Linda Clune
For use with class groups to review previously taught grapheme-phoneme correspondences, spelling rules and concepts


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