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Bill has a YouTube channel with a range of videos covering topics such as Restorative Practices in schools, Evidence Based teaching of Reading and Dylexia. 


ABC3News 15/11/15

Bill spoke with ABC3 Kids' News about how young people can deal with the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris. 




Outside The Square

Australia now has its own documentary that looks at Dyslexia in Australia and what needs to change to support Dyslexic learners as well as lift Australia's concerning reading results.



Dyslexia is the forgotten learning difficulty in education due to a lack of understanding and children are left to struggle and fail on a daily basis.

Outside the Square is a community project driven by parents and educators passionate about social justice and education reform for children with dyslexia. We intend to empower children with dyslexia in education by closing the knowledge-to-action gap in our classrooms and the policy-to-practice gap in our schools.

Our journey is through the eyes of teachers that have embraced change. Through their shared experiences and supported by Australia's leading education researchers, we develop a deep understanding of dyslexia and showcase effective teaching strategies to assist students with dyslexia.

Outside the Square will bring the knowledge and skills

to EVERY teacher.... in EVERY classroom.... in EVERY school.





ABC's 'Behind The News' look at Mental Health for Mental Health Week

Bill and students from Concordia College discuss stress, bullying and body image.

6th October 2014

This great edition of BTN explores three mental health issues for kids and teens - stress, bullying and body image. The wonderful year nine students from Concordia College in South Australia join with Nathan and Bill to talk about these tricky topics and share ideas about what helps.


Click on the link below to watch the story.





ABC's 'Behind The News' story on Dyslexia 

Eliza, one of Bill's students is the 'Rookie Reporter' in this wonderful story about Dyslexia.

25th March 2014

The wonderful team and BTN have put together a respectful and informative story about dyslexia and how it can affect young people at school. Thanks Emma and the team at BTN for letting Eliza and I help you put together such a great story. Thanks Dr. Sandra Marshall (DAGBAGS) for making this happen.


Click on the link below to watch the story.


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Bill's Interview with Belinda Heggen on Adelaide's 5AA radio about "Raising Beaut Kids; Recipes for Parents on when to say 'yes' and how to say 'no'"

12th December 2013


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